Momentum Example: Capitalizing on Snowflake & Databricks' AI + Data Wave

databricks momentum examples momentum marketing snowflake Jun 30, 2023
Snowflake & Databricks' AI + Data Wave

AI + Data has become a hot topic this month with both Snowflake and Databricks making significant announcements and running their summits. This convergence of high-profile events revolving around the same theme presents an ideal momentum marketing opportunity.  

Why? Because such highly congregated and strategically important events garner massive focus and draw a significant number of brands and interested parties. If you are in AI + Data space, you can leverage this event effectively to drive high demand and revenue with momentum marketing.


Highly Congregated + Strategically Important Event  = High Opportunity


High congregation events, like the summits run by Snowflake, Databricks, and Nvidia, draw industry attention, press coverage, and consumer curiosity. The sheer volume of participants and spectators makes these events ideal platforms for marketing. 

A high congregation implies a captive audience ripe for new ideas, solutions, and technologies. This concentration of attention allows companies to steer the conversation in directions that favor their marketing objectives.


Leveraging Momentum Marketing


But how can a company, especially one specializing in data or offering a product within the AI + Data domain, turn such high-profile events into engines of demand and revenue? 

The answer?

Momentum Marketing

Momentum marketing refers to a strategy that leverages the inherent energy in a situation, be it a trend, event, or news cycle, to drive business growth. The key to successful momentum marketing is timing, relevance, and audience engagement. 

Here's a three-phase strategy on how you can turn a high congregation event like this into a momentum marketing success.


Phase 1 - Starting the Conversation (Weeks 1, 2 & 3)


Let's consider a hypothetical company, "DataAI", which operates in the same sphere as Snowflake and Databricks but doesn't directly compete with them. DataAI offers AI-driven data analysis tools that complement and enhance the capabilities of platforms like Snowflake and Databricks.

As Snowflake and Databricks make their significant announcements, it stirs substantial interest in the AI + Data sector. This presents an optimal opportunity for DataAI to ride the wave and establish its voice in the burgeoning discussions.


Build your expertise

DataAI kicks off their momentum marketing campaign by developing and publishing a series of blog posts. These articles delve into how AI + Data is revolutionizing various industries, emphasizing DataAI's unique perspective on these changes. For instance, they might share insights on how AI-driven data analysis is enhancing predictive capabilities in the retail industry or how enhanced database management like that offered by Snowflake can drive more efficient data usage.


Engage on Social Media

Simultaneously, DataAI is proactive on LinkedIn and Twitter, platforms teeming with professionals intrigued by the unfolding developments in the AI + Data sector. They share highlights from their blogs, engage with posts on the Snowflake and Databricks announcements, and contribute DataAI's insights into the future trajectory of AI + Data technology. While doing this, they carefully avoid overt product promotions, concentrating instead on carving a niche as thought leaders.


Run Influencer Marketing campaigns

DataAI extends its outreach to influencers within the AI + Data field, inviting them to collaborate in various ways. They solicit guest blogs, propose joint webinars, and request podcast appearances to discuss the transformative potential of AI + Data further. During these engagements, they don't explicitly mention their solutions. Instead, they focus on sharing their perspective on the ongoing changes in the AI + Data landscape, engaging in a conceptual conversation about the trends and their potential impact on various sectors.


Develop a creative collateral

To make their message more accessible and appealing to a wider audience, DataAI invests in visually compelling content. They develop an infographic illustrating the synergy between their products and platforms like Snowflake and Databricks and a video explaining the broader impact of AI + Data on different industries. They disseminate this content across their social media channels, inviting audiences to explore more and setting the stage for the second phase of their momentum marketing campaign.


Phase 2 - Riding the AI + Data Wave: Introducing Your Solution (Weeks 4 & 5)


After successfully establishing its voice in the AI + Data conversation, DataAI is ready to introduce its unique solution. To do this organically, it leverages real-world examples of its tool making a difference in the context of AI + Data. DataAI creates a series of case studies showcasing how businesses have utilized their solutions alongside Snowflake and Databricks' offerings to gain deeper insights and drive operational efficiency.

DataAI then organizes a LinkedIn Live session, inviting clients who have experienced significant improvements from using their solutions. These clients share their journey, illustrating how the integration of DataAI’s tools with Snowflake and Databricks’ platforms has amplified their data analysis and decision-making processes. This provides a compelling, authentic endorsement of DataAI's offerings, strengthening the brand's credibility.

At the same time, DataAI launches a podcast series and a social media campaign titled "AI + Data: Transforming Industries." These initiatives feature various high-congregation moments and insightful discussions around AI + Data, allowing DataAI to weave their solution into the broader narrative. By using real-life examples and thought-provoking discussions, DataAI further reinforces its position as an industry thought leader and presents its solution as an essential tool in the AI + Data ecosystem.


Phase 3 - Educating the Audience: Nurturing Leads and Building Trust (Week 6 and beyond)


Having captured the attention of a receptive audience and introduced its solution, DataAI now moves to a more informative and nurturing phase. In this stage, the company focuses on guiding its audience through the specifics of its offering, demonstrating how it adds value within the AI + Data landscape and showing how it complements Snowflake and Databricks' offerings.

DataAI organizes in-depth webinars where they perform live demos of their AI-driven data analysis tools, showcasing how they can be seamlessly integrated with Snowflake and Databricks to produce powerful insights. They also craft a series of targeted email campaigns, sharing more detailed case studies, educational content about AI + Data, and the unique benefits of their solution.

DataAI doubles down on content creation, generating engaging blog posts, whitepapers, and videos that further explore the synergies between their solution and the platforms of Snowflake and Databricks. These resources are shared across their social media channels and through targeted ads, fostering an online community around their brand.

Simultaneously, they track engagement metrics and use this data to optimize their initiatives, ensuring they consistently provide value and relevance to their audience. As DataAI continues this educational campaign, they deepen the trust with their audience, nurturing them from interested observers to invested leads, and, ultimately, to satisfied customers.


Harnessing the Momentum: Realizing Opportunities in High-Congregation Moments


The journey of DataAI serves as a compelling example of how you can harness momentum marketing effectively in periods of the high congregation and strategic importance. This approach isn't a one-off tactic but a continuous, adaptive strategy. Businesses should aim to initiate two to three similar campaigns each quarter, constantly scanning the horizon for the next significant trend or event that's gathering momentum.

Proactivity and readiness to seize such moments when the market is most receptive allow your solutions to resonate deeply with your audience. This leads to higher engagement and accelerated growth, even in times of market unpredictability. Momentum Marketing isn't about merely surviving in the storm; it's about harnessing the storm's energy to power your journey towards success.

So, stay ahead of the curve, ready to seize your moment. The next wave of momentum could be just around the corner, ready for you to ride it all the way to a new level of brand resonance and customer engagement.

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