Cold Calling Mastery: 5 Steps to Win Over Prospects Cold

ambassador business development cold calling michael ashman Sep 16, 2023
Cold Call Tactics

By Michael AshmanBusiness Development Ambassador at Growth Hunter


Cold calling to this day remains an essential tool for tech companies trying to build a sales pipeline — one that must be utilized wisely and with full intent.

In the world of business development, experience is undoubtedly invaluable. To truly excel in the art of cold calling, it’s crucial to have a structured approach that can dramatically enhance those cold leads into active conversations, and then loyal clients.

But just what is the secret to that turnaround? Well, it all boils down to these few key things I’ve kept at the forefront of my mind over time.

Here are my top 5 strategies to win your clients over cold.


Set The Mood

If somebody approached you on the street out of the blue, what energy would you want them to present to you? If it’s too abrasive, you’ll throw a guard up. Too intense? You’ll want to run away.

What you bring to your prospect within the first 5 to 10 seconds of interacting will set the tone for the entire conversation, and how much your prospect is willing to listen and converse with you. Or they may just hang up.

People don’t like being interrupted. That’s the harsh reality of cold calling. So, of course, your initial approach has to be so well refined, and genuine, that the person on the other end of the phone actively chooses to listen to you, as opposed to feeling forced to.

By simply humanizing the conversation and asking how their day is going (and actually listen!) you bring an instant warm approach to your cold outreach.

Seek Permission

Consent is valued in today’s society, and simply asking somebody's consent to move forward allows the call to feel a little more welcome and comfortable.

One thing that many sales or business people have an issue with is being too abrasive out of fear of rejection. This approach, in turn, will actually enhance your chances of rejection and is quite an outdated way of calling cold — one that worked well for salespeople in the 50s and 60s.

Try something like this: "(name) — I know I'm interrupting, but can I take 30 seconds to share why I called? If it resonates, we can continue. Sounds good?"

It's short, sweet, and respectful of their time. Think about it — who wouldn't want to give you just 30 seconds? This simple opener can be the key to unlocking a productive conversation with your prospect.

Be Relevant

In the art of building a quick connection with your cold prospects, mention a pertinent game-changer to build your credibility and welcome a natural conversation.

For example — "I read an [article/10k/post] about [specific detail]. How's that impacting you?"

It’s your subtle, yet straightforward way of saying ‘I’ve done the homework, and I genuinely am interested in your world.’

This simple, yet effective approach to the conversation can not only add the credibility needed to build trust but pave the way for something more engaging and meaningful, allowing you to build rapport from the get-go.


Be Succinct

If your research hits the mark, you're clear to proceed. It's the moment to make the pitch: the ultimate goal of your cold call.

The word "pitch" might sound overly salesy, but it's your opportunity to explain why they can't overlook your product or service. Your objective is simple: address their pain points, deliver value, and explain why they need your solution to solve those pain points. It's not about pushing your product or service; it's about selling the idea of a follow-up meeting - no strings attached.

"I promised to be brief. If you're open, can we discuss this further at a more convenient time, say [day/time]?"’

In essence, you're extending an invitation, encouraging a conversation where you'll address their needs, and pave the way for a mutually beneficial partnership.


Respect Their Time and Follow-Up

Keep it concise and respect your prospect's time. You just don’t know what they could’ve been up to before your call, or what they have on their plate — so don’t overstay your welcome.

Remember, a successful cold call is like a well-crafted mini-conversation, typically clocking in at around 4-7 minutes. Go too short, and you might come off as dismissive; go too long, and you risk over sharing.

"I promised to be brief. If you're open, can we discuss this further at a more convenient time, say [day/time]?" "Let's schedule a detailed discussion with my team."

Practice, refine, and remember: every call is a learning opportunity.


This guest post was written by Michael Ashman. Michael is a business development ambassador of Growth Hunter Collective. You can follow him on LinkedIn or connect with her by joining our community today.  

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