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b2c early-stage startups momentum example momentum marketing use case Jun 02, 2023 Fuels Demand with ChatGPT Momentum

Today's marketing landscape is one that is constantly evolving, with opportunities for businesses to ride the wave of trending topics to reach larger audiences and drive demand. One such company that has skillfully adapted to this ever-changing landscape is, a daily newsletter service that delivers bite-sized updates on the most exciting developments in startups, tech, and programming.

Recently, made a strategic move towards a stronger focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT. While these topics are not their core offering, they capitalized on the high level of interest and curiosity surrounding these trending subjects. This maneuver is an excellent real-life example of a marketing strategy known as 'Momentum Marketing.'

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Momentum Marketing: Capitalizing on the Buzz


At its core, Momentum Marketing involves riding the wave of a trending topic or 'momentum' to capture the attention of a wider audience. By aligning their brand with the high congregation trend around AI and ChatGPT, not only broadened its reach but also enriched its value proposition, positioning itself as a go-to source for updates on these sought-after subjects.

But why shift the focus towards AI and ChatGPT? Simply put, these areas are the talk of the tech town. AI is rapidly transforming industries across the globe, while ChatGPT is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. By tapping into this momentum, has positioned itself as a timely and relevant resource amidst the AI and ChatGPT hype.

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Catching the Wave:'s Strategic Shift's shift wasn't just a change in content; it involved a comprehensive approach, including creating a dedicated AI subsection and a landing page. They backed this up with robust promotion, particularly on Instagram, accentuating their AI and ChatGPT focus. This strategy allowed them to attract both their existing tech-savvy audience and newcomers interested in AI, thereby expanding their reach.



The Impact of Momentum Marketing


This strategy is very smart and has the potential to yield significant benefits. By aligning with a trending topic, is likely to experience increased website traffic, higher newsletter subscription rates, and stronger engagement. While it's too early to quantify the exact impact, the potential upside is evident, showcasing the power of Momentum Marketing.

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Systematic Momentum Marketing: A Road to Sustainable Growth's strategic move, whether made with intentional Momentum Marketing in mind or not, provides a learning opportunity for other businesses. Implementing Momentum Marketing systematically can create consistent engagement and growth. Companies can identify trending topics relevant to their industry, create compelling content around these, and leverage promotional strategies to maximize reach.

By adopting a systematic approach to Momentum Marketing, businesses don't just ride the wave—they create their surf, paving the way for sustained demand and growth. This strategy ensures they're not just stumbling upon trends but strategically leveraging them, leading to a predictable and scalable growth model.

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Embracing the Momentum's shift towards AI and ChatGPT is a vivid demonstration of Momentum Marketing in action. It shows how businesses can ride the momentum of trending topics to reach wider audiences, drive demand, and position themselves as relevant and timely in a rapidly evolving landscape.

As more businesses begin to realize the potential of Momentum Marketing, it will no doubt become an essential tool in the marketing toolkit. And as we see with, those who ride the wave of momentum don't just survive in the fast-paced business world—they thrive.

So, here's the question for you - are you ready to embrace the power of Momentum Marketing and ride your wave of growth?


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