How to Win the Startup Awareness Battle: Proven Roadmap for Quick Results

ambassador awareness marketing strategy tamar martirosyan Sep 16, 2023
Strategies for Rapid Brand Visibility

By Tamar MartirosyanMarketing Ambassador at Growth Hunter


As an early-stage startup marketer, it’s essential in your day-to-day practices to ensure you’re generating awareness and revenue, fast. There’s no time for the chart to be linear — you must start showing results in double, even triple time.

One big challenge that I’ve noticed many startups have in common is awareness : the reality is nobody has any clue about your brand yet. And building that awareness and credibility is the first big step for any kind of takeoff to happen.

It’s a journey of doubling down on both outbound and inbound efforts, switching out for different teams, and endless challenges.

However, throughout the ups and downs, what’s worked best for my team is identifying big trends happening and being part of those conversations on platforms where our ICPs are. An example is the recent success of a LinkedIn post that gained 400 likes and 80 comments for a startup I’ve been working for in the health tech space.

Not too bad for a startup, huh? But just how did we do it?

Identify What’s Top Of Mind

Get into your ICP’s head. Whether it’s through investigative PR tools like Prowly, Social channels like LinkedIn, or audience research tools like SparkToro, keeping your eyes peeled on specific hashtags, or LinkedIn influencers related to your space — get in on the conversation. Figure out what’s top of mind. Then talk about it!

Take it one step further and follow big publications in your space. They do the hard research and have a large following. From there, figure out what gets the most engagement and position yourself to be part of bigger conversations alongside the big players in the space.


Craft Expertise-Driven Content

The best way to get in on the trending topics is to ensure you uniquely position yourself right in the middle of the conversation. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, you won’t get noticed.

Don’t be afraid to use your own unique voice too. It’s 2023, and everyone is attracted to authenticity now — especially on LinkedIn, where a dose of uniqueness stands out amongst the generic crowd.

Do Your Hashtag Research

Harnessing the power of hashtags is another important tactic for enhancing your social presence. They serve as categories for your posts, making it easier for people interested in specific topics to discover your content.

When your posts align with important and trending hashtags, there's a higher likelihood that individuals following those hashtags will stumble upon your content, as it's relevant to their current interests.

This not only expands your post’s visibility and creates more awareness, but also drives new leads, broadening your network and fostering meaningful connections.


Create A LinkedIn Newsletter

Building your subscriber base across all platforms, not just LinkedIn, is a game changer for establishing a consistent line of communication between you and your target audience.

Not only does it keep your name in people’s minds (and mouths!) but it constantly amplifies your visibility in the broader LinkedIn community.

By curating a content-filled newsletter, you can keep your target audience connected, engaged, and informed.

Lean On Your Support Network

To truly elevate your content’s performance and expand its reach especially on LinkedIn, let's talk about the magic of interaction. The key to posting success lies in gathering valuable likes, comments, and shares. And guess what? You've got a treasure trove of potential right within your network — your team members, clients, and partners.

Reach out to them. Ask for their thoughts, and opinions, and even a share if they find your post valuable. You'll be amazed at how their engagement can supercharge your post's visibility.

Use Highly Resonated LinkedIn Content In Other Channels

LinkedIn serves a dual purpose for startups, not only offering an avenue for establishing credibility or recognition when starting out, but it’s also a great opportunity for you to gauge audience resonance.

Once you’ve identified what works effectively, it’s time to amplify its reach through additional marketing channels — ranging from outbound emails, newsletters, and my personal favorite — submitting guest articles to various publications covering the same topic.

Joining the bigger conversation as an early-stage startup is essential. It helps build awareness and credibility quickly. Identify hot topics, create expertise-driven content, use your unique voice, and engage your team for support.

Don't underestimate the power of being part of bigger conversions, even if you’re just tapping into your market —it's a key to your startup's success.


This guest post was written by Tamar Martirosyan. Tamar is a marketing ambassador of Growth Hunter Collective. You can follow her on LinkedIn or connect with her by joining our community today.  

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