Discovering Marketing Momentums: A Guide to Using Bing Chat

bing chat guide marketing momentum marketing Jun 30, 2023
Discovering Marketing Momentums: A Guide to Using Bing Chat

Are you ready to supercharge your marketing campaigns? Momentum Marketing may be your secret weapon. By aligning with high-potential momentums, you can tailor your marketing strategies to be more relevant and resonate with your audience's current interests. In this blog post, we'll guide you step-by-step on how to identify these crucial momentums using Bing Chat.

Although Bing chat is still in its early stages, its potential for real-time data access and vast reach makes it a promising tool for identifying key marketing momentums. At this stage, we recommend using it with caution and complementing it with other trusted tools.


Identifying High Potential Momentums with Bing Chat


Imagine you're a SaaS company offering a data and AI solution, targeting similar buyers as Databricks and Snowflake. You want to identify highly relevant momentums in your industry that could potentially influence your target audience's decision-making process. Here's how Bing chat can help:


Step 1: Initiate a High-Level Search

You could ask Bing chat something like this:

"What are the highly congregated and widely discussed news around AI and data this week? Search June 26, 2023 and beyond. Show me top discussions touching the Software as a Service and tech industries."

This search will give you a glimpse of the trending topics and discussions happening in your industry.


AI Data Submitting


Based on the first query to Bing chat, we found two key momentums within the AI and data sector for the week of June 26, 2023.

The first was the Data and AI Summit 2023, hosted by Databricks, which was highlighted as the global data community's premier event. This summit covered a multitude of hot topics such as LLMs, lakehouse architecture, and the latest innovations in data and AI. The fact that it was taking place at a high-profile venue like the San Francisco Moscone Center further underscored its significance.

The second interesting momentum was the announcement by Yanfeng Auto about their adoption of IBM's Data, AI and Intelligent Automation Software. This news signaled a significant digital and intelligent transformation within the automotive industry, a trend that's undoubtedly of interest to many in the AI and data sectors.

These two distinct momentums, coming from different industries yet converging around the AI and data theme, provide a great starting point for diving deeper into specific topics that could be of strategic importance.


Step 2: Double Down on Relevant Topics

Once you've identified an interesting and relevant topic, it's time to dig deeper. For instance, if your initial search led you to the Databricks and Snowflake AI and Data story, you could ask Bing chat:

"What are the news around Databricks associated with AI and data? Provide links from multiple sources. Search June 26, 2023, and beyond."

This query will provide more detailed information about the specific topic and offer multiple sources for you to cross-verify and assess the congregation around this momentum.




Upon further investigating Databricks, an intriguing set of momentums came to light. Databricks announced significant enhancements to its Lakehouse platform, which now boasts new AI and governance capabilities. This news becomes even more relevant considering a parallel momentum, where Snowflake, a competitor, has disclosed a strategic partnership with Nvidia and an expanded relationship with Microsoft.

In addition, Databricks' recent acquisition of AI startup MosaicML, in a deal valued at $1.3 billion, adds another layer of intrigue to the AI and data landscape.

Various well-established news outlets, including Forbes, Reuters, and Datanami, have covered these developments extensively. These articles provide deeper insights into Databricks’ recent advancements in AI and data, solidifying its status as a hot topic with a high congregation. This focus on Databricks indicates significant potential for momentum marketing for businesses operating in the AI and data space.

In essence, using Bing chat, we've been able to hone in on a particular story involving Databricks, Snowflake, and Nvidia—major players in the AI and data industries—that holds both a high degree of congregation and strategic importance.


Step 3: Check the Sources Bing Chat Provides

The credibility of the sources providing the news plays a key role in assessing the congregation of a potential momentum. Bing chat delivers this by providing links to the articles discussing your identified topic. When it comes to our Databricks example, the news was covered by reputable media outlets such as Forbes, Reuters, and Datanami, indicating a high congregation of interest around the developments.

Beyond just the reputation of the sources, you can delve deeper to confirm the level of engagement around the topic. Tools like SimilarWeb can offer valuable insights into the website traffic of these news outlets, further confirming the topic's prominence. This allows you to not only verify the information but also evaluate the size of the audience engaging with these topics. The larger the audience, the greater the momentum's potential impact.


Step 4: Evaluate the Strategic Importance

The next step in your momentum identification process is to evaluate the strategic importance of the topic. This assessment helps determine whether the momentum holds relevance and value for your target audience and your business.

The involvement of industry giants in a momentum often points to its strategic significance. In the case of Databricks, their recent announcements, combined with Snowflake's new partnerships and expansions, indicate a major shift and advancement in the AI and data industry. The fact that these developments target the enterprise segment further underscores the significance, considering the high stakes and large budgets involved in this sector.

Moreover, evaluating strategic importance involves aligning the momentum with your target audience's needs, concerns, and interests. For instance, if your company provides data and AI solutions to enterprises, this momentum could have a significant impact on your audience's business operations or decision-making process. This alignment of interests makes the topic even more compelling for your audience, maximizing the effectiveness of your momentum marketing campaign.


Leveraging High Congregation Events for Momentum Marketing


By identifying high congregation events with significant strategic importance, you can make your marketing efforts much more targeted and effective. Bing Chat can be a valuable tool to spot these momentums and guide your campaigns.

We've walked you through a step-by-step process of using Bing Chat to find such momentums, and you've seen how this could work in a real-world example. If you're keen to learn how to turn these findings into actionable marketing strategies, check out this example we've provided.

The essence of Momentum Marketing is delivering the right message, to the right audience, at the right time. With tools like Bing chat, you're now better equipped to identify those pivotal moments and direct your marketing resources for maximum impact. Keep exploring, and may your momentum hunting lead to greater marketing success!

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