90% of Content Marketers Are Still Stuck In 2015

ambassador content marketing holly szakal seo Sep 09, 2023
90% of Content Marketers Are Still Stuck In 2015

By Holly Szakal, Content Marketing Ambassador at Growth Hunter


Let’s say you have a strong inkling to put pen to paper about something that you genuinely felt was worth being heard in your market. It’s gaining momentum in your mind, with your instinct pulling you to open a Google Doc.

You’ve opened your Google Doc, and now it’s time to run an SEO keyword search. Lo and behold, nobody in your target audience is searching for this keyword. So, you stop there. The content never comes to light, and the idea dies as quickly as it came to be in your mind. You move on to other projects.

Fast forward 6 months later, and your main competitor published a piece of content on the same idea floating around in your mind just before the big shift happened. This topic gained traction and is now the highest searched keyword at present, bringing your competitor 2 to 3x more leads. 

But how? 

Well, they saw an opportunity you missed out on. You limited yourself—all because of an SEO keyword search. 

You see, the problem with relying on keyword searches is that it limits your ability to spot a shift or disruption before it occurs. It’s the perfect way to constantly feel as if you’re swimming directly into an oversaturated current, instead of being ahead of the current itself and in the lead.

Maybe if you knew in advance what people in your target market were actually talking about, you would’ve spotted your opportunity well before the shift, and it could’ve been you in the lead.


Why Is It Important To Be The First One Speaking In The Room? 


When we want to reach our audience and speak to them, whether it be through the means of informative content, thought leadership, or advertising, it’s important that we are not just addressing what is being spoken of at present, but what is about to become the next big topic. 

By jumping ahead of the curve and spotting opportunities to become the loudest voice in the room before the conversation has even begun, we can begin to find opportunities for stability during low seasonal times in business, or economic hardships.

Ensuring your messages reach the right people at the perfect moment, and diving into the topics that matter most to your audience, helps your business stay in sync with what customers want. 

This tactic has been shown to generate 2 to 3x more traffic by turning challenges into opportunities and building stronger connections with your customers despite seasonality.


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Gain Audience Intelligence To Jump Ahead


There are many ways to spot a topic before it becomes hot or jump on a new topic to get in on the conversation. Platforms like Muckrack, Feedly, and Prowly allow you to keep track of growing topics and trends in your industry.

SparkToro, an audience intelligence platform, is taking a new approach towards reshaping content marketing. Rand Fishkin, the founder and CEO, has a deep understanding of the challenges content marketers present themselves when relying solely on SEO keyword searches to drive content decisions.

As opposed to being a platform focused purely on keyword research, they lean towards an audience-centric approach. Their platform allows you to gain valuable insights into your ideal customer profile by exploring their conversations and identifying the key hubs where they gather. In essence, it goes beyond merely supplying keywords from search trends and instead offers actionable insights into what influences your audience.


Why Choosing The Right Topic Is Essential 


While a large congregation around a growing topic can certainly create a buzz, it doesn't always translate to strategic significance for your business. So it's crucial to assess the event in the context of your target audience's wants and concerns. 

It’s essential to take into account whether the event aligns with the audience’s overall goals and how it might impact their business operations or decision-making. If the momentum generated is something that matters to your buyers or could sway their choices, then it holds substantial strategic value and warrants your investment.

And if you happen to jump on that trend in advance, your competitors will find themselves jealous of you during the next shift. What a great throne to be sitting in! 

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